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GLAM Overview
About GLAM
The GLAM toolkit is an OpenGL-based cross platform user interface toolkit for creating 2D or 3D user interfaces. Its main purpose is to provide the underlying framework for a user interface, leaving the application specific look, feel and behavior to the developer's discretion. GLAM is about user-interface form following function. In other words, the look and feel of the user interface should follow the purpose it is trying to achieve.

About Glamrock
The sole purpose of Glamrock is to put a pretty face on GLAM. Glamrock takes over rendering of visual components while it leaves the behind-the-scenes-magic to GLAM. This enables a program to drop an user interface over their OpenGL application that is both fully functional and pleasing to the eye.

How to get GLAM and Glamrock
Please visit the GLAM project on Sourceforge to download these two APIs. Don't forget to check Sugar too, as it is required build GLAM.

About xRhino
Commited to giving back to the open source community, xRhino released GLAM and Glamrock under a GPL license. We hope that others will find these GUI toolkits as helpful as we have during the creation of their OpenGL applications. Come and visit our web site to learn more about our company.

About the Authors
Manu Sporny
Manu is an l33t haX0r d00d AND best friends with Trogodor. Need I say more?

Gray Carper
As a founding member of the Super Friends, Gray is constantly busy saving the world. Fortunately for us, he somehow found time to contribute massive amounts to the GLAM and Glamrock projects.

Chris Glasnapp
Chris, your run-of-the-mill Behemoth of Freshness, ensured that every line of GLAM code was extra fresh and crisp.

David Longley
Not much is known about Dave, as he is a newcomer to the GLAM and Glamrock projects. We suspect his motives are to make GLAM and Glamrock the best OpenGL GUI toolkit. Ever.