class GmHighlight

Class description


Public Methods

[more] GmHighlight ()
Standard constructor
[more]GmTypes::HighlightType getHighlightType ()
[more]void setHighlightType ()
[more]virtual ~GmHighlight ()
Virtual destructor

Protected Fields

[more]GmTypes::HighlightType mHighlightType

Inherited from GmDecorator:

Inherited from GmAnimatedWidget:

Public Methods

ovirtual void animationFinished(GmTypes::AnimationType animationType)
ovirtual void applyAnimationTransforms()
ovirtual void setEventAnimation(GmTypes::AnimationType animType, GmAnimation* animation)

Protected Fields

oGmAnimation* mAppearAnimation
oGmTypes::AnimationType mCurrentAnimation
oGmAnimation* mIdleAnimation
oGmAnimation* mVanishAnimation

Inherited from GmDrawable:

Public Methods

ovirtual void applyLayout(float minX, float minY, float minZ, float maxX, float maxY, float maxZ)
ovirtual GlmColor4* getBaseColor()
ovirtual GmTypes::CoordinateType getCoordType()
ovirtual float getDepth()
ovirtual float getGlDepth()
ovirtual void getGlExtents(float& width, float& height)
ovirtual float getGlHeight()
ovirtual GlmPoint3* getGlPosition()
ovirtual float getGlWidth()
ovirtual float getHeight()
ovirtual void getMinimumGeometry(float& width, float& height, float& depth)
ovirtual GlmPoint3* getPosition()
ovirtual bool getVisible()
ovirtual float getWidth()
ovirtual void render(GmTypes::RenderOptionType renderOptions)
ovirtual void setAbsoluteGeometry(float x, float y, float z, float width, float height, float depth)
ovirtual void setBaseColor(GlmColor4* color)
ovirtual void setBaseColor(float r, float g, float b, float a)
ovirtual void setCoordType(GmTypes::CoordinateType coordType)
ovirtual void setDepth(float depth)
ovirtual void setHeight(float height)
ovirtual void setPosition(GlmPoint3* point)
ovirtual void setPosition(float x, float y, float z)
ovirtual void setRelativeGeometry(float x, float y, float width, float height)
ovirtual void setRelativeGeometry(float x, float y, float z, float width, float height, float depth)
ovirtual void setVisible(bool visible)
ovirtual void setWidth(float width)

Protected Fields

oGlmColor4 mBaseColor
oGmTypes::CoordinateType mCoordType
ofloat mDepth
obool mDisplayListGenerate
oint mDisplayListId
ofloat mGlDepth
ofloat mGlHeight
oGlmPoint3 mGlPosition
ofloat mGlWidth
ofloat mHeight
oGlmPoint3 mPosition
obool mVisible
ofloat mWidth

Protected Methods

ovirtual bool getDisplayListGenerate()
ovirtual int getDisplayListId()
ovirtual void render2d(GmTypes::RenderOptionType renderOptions)
ovirtual void render2dSelect(GmTypes::RenderOptionType renderOptions)
ovirtual void setDisplayListGenerate(bool generate)
ovirtual void setDisplayListId(int id)

Inherited from GmObject:

Public Methods

ounsigned short getObjectId()

Protected Fields

oThe object ID is used to uniquely identify each GmObject unsigned short mObjectId

Inherited from GmAnimationEventHandler:


Class description
oGmTypes::HighlightType mHighlightType

o GmHighlight()
Standard constructor

ovirtual ~GmHighlight()
Virtual destructor

ovoid setHighlightType()

oGmTypes::HighlightType getHighlightType()

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