Chapter 3. Putting It All Together

Table of Contents

Primitives and Containers: Arranging Your Interface
Relative Geometries & Layout Managers
LayoutInGLArea & LayoutInGLVolume
Widget Packing & GL Extents
A Closer Look at Event Distribution
How Actions and Listener Interfaces Work
Animation and the User Interface
Widget Animation
Widget Movement
Extending GLAM


GLAM is based on openGL, which is a 3d environment graphics API. Since all widgets were created using openGL commands to display them, it is necessary to have some system for placing all widgets in an organized way.

GLAM also allows widgets to be animated. GLAM widgets have animation states, dynamic tooltips and extensive movement properties.

However, with all these abilities come some limitations.

GLAM Integration

Relative Geometries

Relative Geometries allow widgets to be layed out within the area of their parent widget.

Layout Managers

Layout Managers create an organized way of laying out widgets within a container or parent widget.


Widgets can have several animation states, and are able to play through selected animations.


All Interactive Widgets have the ability to use tooltips. Their text content and hover time can be customized.