GLAM Glossary

All GLAM related terms can be found in this glossary.



See Widget Actions & Listeners.



See User Events.


Graphics Library American Mother

The GLAM toolkit is an OpenGL-based cross platform user interface toolkit for creating 2D or 3D user interfaces. Its main purpose is to provide the underlying framework for a user interface, leaving the application specific look, feel and behavior to the developer's discretion.


Layout Managers

Layout managers make positioning components within containers easy. They also allow for particular arrangements of components to remain stable as containers are resized.


See Widget Actions & Listeners.


User Events

User events describe the user's interaction with an application involving input devices such as mouse and keyboard.

See Also Widget Actions & Listeners.


Widget Actions & Listeners

Widget Actions and Listeners make communication between widgets and other components of an application (generally other widgets) possible. Widget actions represent the actions that widgets perform in response to user events. After a widget has handled a user event, it generates an action and passes it to all of its listeners to notify them of what has transpired.